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Michigan's Cornerstone
Monroe County
Michigan's CornerstoneMichigan's Cornerstone

Monroe County, set in the bottom right corner of Michigan. But we are anything but an afterthought. We are a cornerstone: the basis and foundation of the Michigan spirit.

15 Townships - 5 Cities - 5 Villages - 1 Cornerstone

15 Townships

5 Cities

5 Villages

1 Cornerstone


Set on the majesty of a Great Lake. Setting for conflicts that defined independence. Birthplace to world-changing, innovative ideas. Home to humble towns, quiet roads, and simple moments. Natural beauty, openness, kindness.

Photography credits: Darryl Diamond, Laine Hicks, River Raisin Battlefield, Andrew Wax, Betty and Bob Zimmerman, and The Monroe News
Michigan's Cornerstone


We’re looking to raise awareness for one of the most beautiful, innovative, and gracious areas of Michigan. Lifting our great businesses. Bringing new families. Inviting visitors. And attracting those with big ideas.


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